There are two sides to every story: The good and the downright naughty......

I have created the ultimate sensual candle collection to not only heat things up, but also encourage women to unapologetically acknowledge their need for intimacy.

Dim The Light provides luxe, bold, and sexy fragrances to heighten your senses and stir eroticism for that long-awaited sensual night in. My mission is to help women around the world to embrace their playful side, to build their confidence, and to be fearless behind closed doors.

Indulge in the full aromatherapy experience and leave your mind, body, and soul feeling GOOD! I encourage all the ladies to set the mood while unleashing that other side hidden 'deep' inside of you!

Now are you ready to find out which side you're on? Well, I suggest you let out a deep breath before you proceed to dim the light down low.


Samiya Soto, Founder of Dim The Light ™

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